What is J-Novel Club?

We're THE place to read the latest light novels and manga from Japan! Find out more about our company here.

What can you do on this website?

On j-novel.club you can read previews of all our series for free, catch up on the latest information and announcements, check our release schedule, and find links to stores where you can purchase our ebooks and print volumes!

If you sign up for a free account, you can even post to our forums.

You also have the option to become a J-Novel Club Member or Premium Member. Any membership allows you to read the latest parts of all of our ongoing series as they are being translated, before they are available in stores! Premium Club members earn monthly credits that can be turned in for Premium, DRM-free ebooks, and can download their EPUBs from the library page whenever they like.

What can I do with your iOS and Android apps?

Our app, which is available in the iTunes app store and Google Play store, let you read previews of all our series, and allow J-Novel Club Members to read the latest parts of all of our ongoing series, as they are being translated, pre-publication, on the go!

These apps are still in beta, and we plan on adding more features in the future.

Will you make print versions of your books?

Yes! Many of our popular series are now available in print from standard physical book distributors!

We generally choose to print series that have strong digital sales, so you can help increase the chance of your favorite series getting a physical version by spreading the word and buying ebooks for friends and family!

What benefits do Members get and how much does it cost?

Becoming a J-Novel Club Member costs $4.95 a month, or $54 a year with an annual subscription ($4.50 a month).

Members can read the latest pre-publication (prepub) parts as they are finished being translated for all of our ongoing series! They can also purchase Premium Credits for $7 each.

Also, there is a special Members-only section of our forums where members can discuss these prepub releases...

What benefits do Premium Members get and how much does it cost?

Becoming a J-Novel Club Premium Member costs $10.95 month-to-month, or $120 a year for an annual subscription ($10 a month).

Premium Members have all the benefits of normal Members, plus they get a Premium Credit to exchange for a Premium ebook once every month, saving you 20% off the retail ebook price! They can also purchase additional Credits à la carte for $6 each, a $1 savings from the standard Member price.

How do I cancel my membership?

Easy! (Maybe too easy...)

Log in, go to the membership tab on your account page then click on Cancel Membership. Your plan status should now include "(Set to cancel)"

Your membership will stay active until the end of the next cycle, then your membership will end. If you change your mind, you can un-cancel at any time until the end of the billing cycle.

What is a Premium E-book Credit and how do I get them?

Premium Members get 1 Credit immediately when signing up for the first time for the premium membership (or upgrading from a normal membership), and then 1 Credit every month around the 15th. You can also buy extra Credits à la carte at $6 for Premium Members or $7 for regular Members.

Any Premium ebook can be purchased for 1 Premium Credit.

To redeem a Credit, find the volume you wish to purchase in our catalog. Click the BUY button, and choose the Premium Edition. Once redeemed, you can see all your books in the "Library" section of your account page, and from there you can download your Premium ebook when the book is published. You can also read parts of owned volumes at any time on our site and app.

If you no longer have an active subscription, unused Credits are saved to your account, but you'll need to re-subscribe or contact us if you want to redeem them.

Do Premium E-book Credits expire?


Whether or not you remain a paid Member, your Credits will never expire and you may accumulate as many as you want, and redeem them all at once if you like.

Can I purchase additional Premium Credits?

Yes! Premium Members can buy Credits for $6 each, and normal Members can get them for $7. You can purchase Credits by logging in to your account and choosing “Buy Credits” from the menu, as long as you are currently a subscriber.

Can I upgrade from a normal Membership to a Premium Membership?


If you go to the subscription page, you will see a list of membership options you may upgrade to. You will be credited with a prorated amount for however much remains on your current membership.

Upgrades are not allowed to plans which would cause a negative balance, like upgrading from a yearly Membership to a monthly Premium Membership.

Can I downgrade my membership from a Premium Membership to a normal Membership, or annual to monthly?

The simplest way to do this is to “cancel” your ongoing subscription, and when your current period ends, sign up again for the Membership tier you wish to have. Premium Credits do not expire in your account so there’s no need to worry about them disappearing during the time your Membership is not active.

What is a Premium ebook?

Premium ebooks are EPUB3 ebooks only available for purchase directly through our website. These ebooks have higher quality images than the ones you can download on other stores, and have no DRM, so you can convert them to other formats and save them to any device you own.

They are not available for normal purchase, and can only be obtained by exchanging them for Premium Credits.

Premium ebooks also usually have bonus content, like special illustrations, translator notes sections, extra short stories, or textless illustrations, depending on the title and availability.

Will the Premium ebooks in my Library always be available?

Premium ebooks you have purchased using Credits can be downloaded from your library as often as you'd like, and the files are yours to do as you wish.

However, if J-Novel Club loses the rights to the title or our licensing contract expires, we will no longer be able to provide the download service.

Your copies of your ebooks will always be yours!

What format is a Premium ebook?

Premium ebooks are standard EPUB3 files. They should work on all EPUB3-compatible e-readers and are easily convertible to Kindle's MOBI file format using free software like Calibre.

What is a Prepub Release?

Think of them as simulcasts for light novels!

For each series, we will release one part of the volume we are currently translating each week for Members to read online or in our apps. These parts will generally be about 30-40 pages, but can vary from week to week. Each part consists of a roughly equal portion of the final amount of text; most of our titles are released in eight parts over eight weeks, though longer books naturally take more time to translate and are released over more weeks.

Please keep in mind that these are pre-publication releases, and have not been fully proofread at the standard we have for our official ebook releases (although we'd like to think they're still pretty good!).

Note that the pre-pub versions may not contain all the illustrations found in the final ebooks, such as the color illustrations usually found at the beginning of the book.

How long are prepub parts available?

The prepub releases are available until the ebook is published, just like the name says.

After the final part in a volume is released, there will be a month where we do final proofreading and typesetting for the ebook, so all parts will be available for a minimum of 4-5 weeks, and over two months for the first parts in each volume.

Volume X is no longer available? What gives?

Once a volume has been published as an ebook, it is removed from pre-pub reading within a month of the ebook release.

Please support the author by purchasing the official ebook! Or you can sign up for a Premium membership and use your Premium Credit to download the premium ebook straight from our site!

We also make entire series available as “catchups” every month. A catchup series will have all the pre-pub parts for every volume in that series made available for Members to read. These catchups change every month, so you can check out a lot of series and find new ones to follow!

Hey, I noticed a typo/misspelling/embarrassing mistake! Where do I complain?

Thank you for asking!

Posting in the forums is the best way to point out errors in prepub parts, and they'll get corrected ASAP. One of the benefits of doing these pre-pub releases is that we can really polish the translations before final publication.

If you're reading a published ebook, then we would prefer that you email errors you've found to support@j-novel.club instead.

Why do I need to tell you my country if there are no region restrictions on your ebooks?

All that setting does is change which third-party store retail links go to. So feel free to set it to whatever country you usually purchase from, and change it if you need to.

Which types of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club.

At this time we do not accept any other type of payment such as PayPal or Bitcoin, sorry.

How do I change my payment method?

In your account page, go to the membership page.

You will see an option to change your payment method (EDIT) there. Only one payment method may be saved on file at a time.